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ReStore pricing guidelines

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How Our Pricing Process Works

Our overall goal is to sell items at a great value for our customers, as quickly as possible and to help raise money to build homes. The variety, uniqueness, and volume of items received at our ReStores present a daunting pricing challenge for our team. Our trucks typically deliver two truckloads of items to our ReStores every weekday, plus we get numerous drop-offs from donors daily. We receive items at every price point, so inventory can range from inexpensive, common household items to extremely high-end treasures. So, we have items valued from less than $1 to over $1,000.

Achieving appropriate pricing is of paramount importance to our team. We make every effort to ensure that pricing is as consistent as possible.


The first thing we do when we receive new inventory is review comparable items in the store to price the new item similarly.

With consideration to quality, condition, quantity, size, and experience with similar items, our prices are typically at least 50% below normal retail prices. Some items are priced considerably less at 75% of retail before monthly discounts or flash sales. We research unusual items, to identify their value (via online searches, auction catalogs, and at times an appraiser’s valuation).  Additionally, due to overstocking, seasonal and retail floor space considerations, pricing is subject to change.

While prices are not negotiable, as we want to honor the intent of our donors to raise money for our home building mission, if a customer thinks we might have analyzed an items value incorrectly, we welcome their feedback and may on occasion re-price the item.


We often complement our monthly discounts with flash sales on certain categories when we have extra inventory.

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