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Critical Home Repair Request

Critical Home Repair Application 
home owned and occupied for 3 yrs
income below 80% current HUD median income.
tax assessment property valuation less than $200,000
property taxes have been paid on time
current on mortgage payments
willingness to conduct credit check and background check on occupants over 18
willingness to contribute sweat equity volunteer hours for every $1,000 worth of project cost incurred by Habitat Bangor

Thank you for your request!

how it works

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bangor recognizes that new home construction is only part of the solution for quality, affordable housing. The Critical Home Repair program is part of a broader community development strategy to transform and strengthen communities. It not only addresses the health, safety, and affordability of the individual residences in neighborhoods, it also strengthens connections within communities.

scope, costs, and payments

Habitat of Greater Bangor will review the home for needed repairs, then prepare a scope of work and price recommendation. Families will pay only a portion of the actual costs of materials and sub-contracted in-kind labor, based on their income.  Habitat will donate the balance of the project costs. Payments terms may be available.

examples of work to be done
  • flooring repair

  • accessibilty issues, ramps, etc.

  • stairs repairs

  • unsafe heating systems

  • structural work, not including foundations

  • install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

work we cannot do
  • roof work

  • mobile or modular homes (except ramps)

  • general cosmetic repairs, including but not limited to: flooring, painting, carpentry, etc.

  • window replacement

  • mold correction

  • bathroom renovations or repairs ( only for accessibility)

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