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donate land

Donate Land

Our housing programs are supported by donations. Land is no different. Our financial resources to purchase land are limited, so we rely upon gifts of land to assure the affordability of the houses that we build. Donating land can also have many tax benefits for the donor. In most instances we can assist with the transaction at no cost to the donor and Habitat for Humanity will cover all the related expenses to make your gift a reality. Your gift will help to create continued opportunities for affordable housing in Greater Bangor. We can accept plotted building lots, farm acreage, or raw land. Donations of land are 100% tax deductible. The land must be suitable for house construction, including compliance with local ordinances regarding lot size.


Many existing homes can be renovated to meet the needs of a low-income family much more quickly than it takes to build a new house. We are seeking foreclosed upon and dilapidated homes that can be renovated. We are always looking for affordable opportunities to purchase land for future house construction. The land must be modestly priced and suitable for house construction. The land must have clear and marketable title and be free of encumbrances. 



Please call our Executive Director at 207-942-8977 to learn more.

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