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what we build

Habitat partners with people to help them build a place they can call home. Homeowners work alongside volunteers to help build their own homes, which they then purchase with an affordable mortgage.

​what we build

​Habitat builds new homes and rehabilitates vacant homes.  Homes are built to meet or exceed local code requirements.  We build homes to suit the families in need of housing who are selected for our program. The living space of Habitat homes does not exceed 900 square feet for a two-bedroom house; 1,070 square feet for a three-bedroom house; and 1,230 square feet for a four-bedroom house.  Families have an opportunity to affect the design of their house as much as possible.  Homes do not have garages or carports.  Houses are built on full foundations when possible; when not possible, a small shed will be built for outside storage. 

We connect our homebuyers with our local banking partners to secure an affordable mortgage. 

We do not offer home repairs for renter-occupied homes, nor do we provide grants for housing or home repairs. Habitat does not own or manage any rental properties.

where we build

​Habitat is committed not just to building homes, but to building community. We prioritize our construction efforts within focus neighborhoods to maximize our impact. Currently, we are building in Old Town. 
Our service area is Greater Bangor, which includes:  Bangor, Eddington, Holden, Milford, Orrington, Bradley, Brewer, Glenburn, Hampden, Hudson, Kenduskeag, Newburgh, Old Town, Penobscot Nation, Carmel, Hermon, Levant, Orono, Veazie, Dedham, and Winterport.

for more information, contact:

Melissa Huston, Executive Director

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bangor

382 Harlow Street, Bangor, ME 04401

(207) 942-8977 or by email at



Home built in Bangor in 2007.

qualification criteria


RESIDENCY:  You must be a legal permanent resident or citizen of the United States and have lived or worked in Greater Bangor for at least the past year.

NEED:  Must currently be living in substandard, subsidized, or unaffordable housing.

ABILITY TO PAY:  Must have proof of steady income between 30 and 80% of AMI and satisfactory credit history; have no accounts in collection, no charge-offs or unsatisfied public records; and no bankruptcies in the last 4 years.

WILLINGNESS TO PARTNER:  All homebuyers must complete 200 hours of “sweat equity” and complete a homebuyer education class.

IF YOU AREN’T ELIGIBLE AT THIS TIME Don’t worry! Our staff will help identify the obstacles in your path to becoming a Habitat homeowner, and we will refer to you agencies and organizations that can help you resolve those issues. Our community partners are available to help you repair your credit, organize your finances and resolve your emergency housing situations. Once those obstacles are removed, you are welcome to apply again.

how to apply

Are you ready to apply for a Habitat home? We are here to help guide you. 

STEP 1:  The first step toward purchasing a Habitat home is to complete our eligibility questionnaire. You can complete the questionnaire online below or in person at the Habitat office. Once you complete your questionnaire, a member of our team will be in touch with you within 5 business days to discuss your answers and the next steps.  If you have any questions during the process, please call the Habitat office at (207) 942-8977 and leave a message for our homeowner selection team.



STEP 2:  If you are eligible to apply for a Habitat home, we will meet with you to review next steps, provide you with information about how to get in touch with our local banking partners, and submitting a full application. All Habitat homebuyers go through rigorous screening including credit and background checks, employment verification and landlord references.

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